The zeppelin instrumental, not their hoedown "stomp".

14 thoughts on “Open C tuning: How to play Bron-yr-aur

  1. if the other song is poor tom … please make a tutorial :'(

  2. In Welsh, Bron-Yr-Aur is indeed "Bronariar". This is the name.

  3. listen to zep live, plant pronounces it BRON RAR, the Y and U are silent.

  4. Thanks very much! You turned a 2 hour trial and error session into 10 minutes for me. Appreciate it.

  5. get organized before you present and get the camera angled properly on the neck..

  6. For the intro are you plucking simultaneously strings 4 and 5 with the slide on the 5th string fret 2 to 3? That sounds good. I have good tab for the song which doesn’t have that but I’m going that now. Cheers.

  7. R@iamthewintertime No it’s not. It’s pronounced Bron Y R. Watch the documentaries.

  8. if I tune my guitar like that, i mean even if my strings allow me do that i cannot revert it back to eadgbe, it’ll always sound out of tune. you tune your guitar cacgce for a whole week play it till you get bored playing it then buy a new set of strings and go on your life..

  9. it’s pronounced bronariar….. BRON-A-RIAR… Bron-Yr-Aur

  10. @iaingbrennan You are right! I still have the Guitar For The Practicing Musician transcription, and it is definately C6th.

    CGEDAF sounds like my ‘O’ level results!

  11. Thanks! I love this tune, i play it constantly and keep my Crafter set to this odd Page tuning just to play this and one other Zep song. Good thing I have multiple guitars!

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