24 thoughts on “Robben Ford Guitar Lesson – Crafting a Solo – Blues Revolution

  1. Never mind the guitar playing, what a gentle soul this man is.

  2. what about counterpoint lssons for Blues ..?? Are there any?
    Surely not – na pity.

  3. almost 100 dollars for this lesson? I would love to order this, but anything over 50 is to much for me.

  4. He is such an inspiration! Now when I think about it – I have no musical talent but soul full of music -and I can actually play! Thanks Mr. Ford!

  5. Robben, Thanks for your musical spirit! Enjoying this teaching too. Looking forward to catching the rest of this vid.

  6. What I got from this lesson is the dynamic character of picking with fingers rather than a pick. Thanks man!

  7. Learnt more here than any amount of regular Pentatonic wank could teach

  8. He looks like a condensed and graceful version of Dave Mustaine

  9. It’s not about what he says but the way he says it. He have the gift to make the dificult stuff look plain and simple. Last year i attendent his lecture and he explained the basic music theory in 20 minutes in such inspiring and easy way. A great guy with a decent sense of humor. I don’t know if he is a guru, but he speaks as one 😀 Just listen to his voice and calm tai chi movements :)))

  10. Such a good teacher, player and idol. A lot of people could learn a lot from him!

  11. Technique of doom, yet still understands the importance of keeping things musical. Love this guy, needs a lot more recognition

  12. Knowing something, and being able to implement the knowledge (and forget about it too) is the real business; stop thinking you know everything and then you might learn something.

  13. Robben is a man who is not afraid to be himself, the mark of a true Man. It is the guys who have to be ‘tough’ and act all Macho at every turn that are truly ‘Gay’. One of the best Guitar men of our times. Aint we lucky having a lesson from him!

  14. Sometimes its the simplest things that matter so much. Very nice.

  15. he has the "new age voice"  …awesome player though and some good thoughts…

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