My name is Robert "Diamond" Johnson This is my first drum cover. It was recorded by me, and Mixed, Filmed, and Edited by Noah Ryan at "BigChair Studios" in B…

14 thoughts on “Robert "Diamond" Johnson : Kevin Powell : Track : Drum Cover

  1. Wow!! Dude this was incredible man. Keep it up!! Truly Blessed! I don’t know if you know who he is or who this track was made for but his nickname is "Spanky". He is a great drummer and I can honestly say that I enjoyed yours so much better. Excellent Job!!!

  2. See…I’ve been asking you for the longest to sign my drum sticks and you just laughed me off…i was serious, now I’ll just sign my own sticks! LOL…do ya stuff bruh!

  3. Is there a chance I can be able to make a drum cover video recorded by the same guy and using the same kick?!? I would like that to happen. here is my email:

    Thank You.

  4. Do your thing, Diamond! Keepin’ Midwest on the drumming map TIGHT! Dude! What kinda cymbal is that 2nd from your right?

  5. Great playing! Sounds alright. Tell Noah to sync it up better next time. Pretty far off.

  6. man u are now one of my fav drummers u are a left hand drummer playing on a right hand set just like me

  7. Diamond, do your thang nephew!! You are truly blessed with an amazing talent! Continue to GLORIFY God!! 🙂

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