Heres a tutorial on a timeless Robert Johnson tune. Its a delicate song to get going under your fingers but once you get it to a comfortable level its a l…

8 thoughts on “Robert Johnson Lesson: Hellhound On My Trail

  1. Great teaching!

    I found a little JEWEL´╗┐ from the 60’s you might want to watch. It’s from Delaney & Bonnie Feat. Eric Clapton – Tribute to Robert Johnson (1969)


    Just watch it … ­čśë

    Thanks for your time and effort on these lessons

  2. Thanks. I´╗┐ guess if you just had some blues lessons that it wouldn’t be as popular as a lesson of some one famous. Think about some blues lessons though.

  3. Also, the more practical reasoning is that if I teach you my interpretation of Hellhound, or any tune for that matter, by the time it gets to you it’ll be twice removed from the original. It’s like playing Telephone in primary school..the message gets skewed. Also, if I suggest to you what your interpretation ought to be, it’s no longer your interpretation. That’s your job! Basically, I try to make that initial step easier by accurately showing´╗┐ you the original with which you can then interpret.

  4. Thanks. The note-for-note thing is more of a personal thing, really. I just love being able pull the exact notes RJ or Son House was playing and maybe get the same frivolous whims they got those countless years ago when they fretted this or that note´╗┐ at that moment…get in their heads pretty much and thereby get to know their personalities/tendencies/thought-process more than any studious historian, etc. For a moment, you literally get to be Patton or Blind Lemon…personal thing like I said.

  5. Great one, the lesson is perfect. One thing I could ask as a´╗┐ guitarist learning my way is not the exact way some one played a song but more of how it was done and how I can use that style in my playing. An example would be, can the walk down be moved and how would it apply to a walk up and in what key or note of scale and where or where not to use it. Thanks, and you are an insperation.

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