Final project about the legendary Robert Johnson for Digital Video class at SJCC Very proud of it, hope you like it… Footage from the film Crossroads (1986) is the property of Columbia Pictures. The song Cross Road Blues (1936) by Robert Johnson is the property of Columbia Records.

23 thoughts on “Robert Johnson: Life and Legend

  1. @MortonBoHansen alot actually if you are a christian

  2. yeah, and honestly how much sense does that make???

  3. @Dixoncheesepuffs are you athiest? Because if you arent or you arent christian you would know that lucifer was the angel of music untill god kicked him out of heaven for wanting to take control.

  4. Can’t sell your soul to something that don’t exist, sorry guys. It’s called practice.

  5. If it is the devils music, He must be awfully proud.

  6. Hell is not a place you go, its the failure of your lifes greatest ambition. So I would say he lived his life the way we wish we could all live ours.
    tho… If it is the devils music, He must be awfully proud.

  7. How many Lies do you think you have told in your life? Have you ever stolen anything, even something small? Have you ever looked at a person with lust? Ever used GOD’s name as a curse word? If so, GOD sees you as a Lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. The Guilty will end up in Hell. That’s not GOD’s will. You broke GOD’s laws, but Jesus paid your fine! (IF) you Repent, and trust in Christ alone, GOD will forgive every sin you have ever committed, and grant you Eternal life!

  8. Yes, and unless everyone repents and trusts in Christ alone they will perish on the day of judgment…

  9. If you look closely you can see all kinds of faces in the picture at 1:09

  10. Robert Harris is Robert Johnson’s great nephew, and certainly a blood relative. Are you people stupid?

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