Music video by Robert Johnson performing Robert Johnsons Cross Road Blues. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

16 thoughts on “Robert Johnson – Robert Johnson’s Cross Road Blues

  1. I dont get it with you guys? okay well yeah the Nicki Minaj staring at you maybe creepy but the video was good though,it talked about Robert Johnson’s life….

  2. The video was good, but I will never watch it again out of principle

  3. its an insulting video yes but no Robert Johnson no rock and role <3

  4. My band’s drummer said she was related to Robert Johnson. One day I met her Grandfather, and I asked him if this were true. He confirmed it; (he was RJ’s nephew.) Then I asked him about the crossroads. He became flush; (he was light-skinned.) He nervously said, "We don’t talk about that." And he ended the conversation. I looked up their family name, which is Travis.
    Travis: Anglicization of French "Travers," meaning "crossroads."
    True story.

  5. I’m sorry, I can’t watch this with Minaj on the left. It’s like juxtaposing Rebecca Black with Beethoven. And besides, there is no "rock ‘n roll" on VEVO anyway.

  6. How is the animation disgraceful? This song is about going to the crossroad to sell his soul to the devil. I think the animation really goes well with the song.

  7. I like this! Great job and a great tribute to this awesome Robert Johnson song.

  8. Loved the art/animation, and video.
    A good reminder not to make your bed with evil no matter what you believe.

  9. Honestly, you people need to get off your high horse. I had never heard of Robert Johnson today, but the fact that Youtube decided to feature him is what introduced his music to me. So I’m glad they did it, regardless of the fact that YOU don’t personally appreciate it,.

  10. ALLEGEDLY Robert Johnson "sold his soul to the devil" in order to be a great guitar player. Keyword being allegedly. No one would ever know if that’s true or not. Robert Johnson was already good at other instruments before guitar. So, he wasnt just some doofus with no musical skill. The man had musical talent since a young boy. But it’s odd that YouTube is basically saying his "deal with the devil" true and is almost celebrating it? Very odd. YouTube is ran by devil worshippers!!

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