Rolling Stones Live at the Hyde Park….

22 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Woman (Hyde Park ’69)

  1. i was 18 than the rolling stones singing the song mike is 70 years today and i still the fan of the stones

  2. oh true? music made with hands and not a computer, its was rockn roll in the 60’s

    but you get the knowledge…

    im 18 years old and i listen still to the stones when im 80

  3. Well nice set of unnecessary insults there .. I guess you really are "fun" at parties.

  4. Beyond the slow grind tempo, how ’bout them white pants!

  5. Changing tempo is how musicians keep interest in a tune they have played way too many times……..!!!!!!

  6. no….buffoon

    i am saying that on this clip…they slowed the tempo to a crawl

    and they killed a great song

    the stones aint perfect

    i have seen them in concert from the first row

    and i have seen them on nights when they phone it in

    but here..the tempo is way to slow…far slower then the record…

    you nob limpnoodle

  7. You mean to say that the stones in their prime ruined a song because of tempo?
    I surely hope you’re trolling. Otherwise you must be really "fun" at parties.

  8. Mick Gagger learned how to dance from the guy in the audience @ 1:44

  9. while morganfield is an important cross pollinator in electrifying the delta blues sound and giving it to modern chicago circa 1948 and on, and cooder’s albums bring forgotten songs to life and reclaim vanishing traditions, (he’s also played with the stones) king keef has to get the nod for pure innovation. sure, he’s borrowed heavily from the likes of charles berry, but his final product comes out with more originality than the former two combined.

  10. no..! thats the point of rock n roll! it always goes reverse…!

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