The Rolling Stones Midnight Rambler with Mick Taylor Live at O2 Arena London 25th November 2012 Complete

23 thoughts on “Rolling Stones Midnight Rambler with Mick Taylor Live at O2 Arena London 25th Nov 12 Complete

  1. I don’t like that fact that these old time rockers are wearing Vans sneakers like Blink 180 suck- Keef gets it-wearing boots!

  2. Wow, Mick Taylor is on stage with the Stones doing Midnight Rambler!!!! (yawn)

  3. Huge ‘Stones fan here and as hard as it is to admit, I’ve never heard the great Mick Taylor play worse. Interestingly, Keith and Ronnie were just fine.

  4. I love The Stones. And I particularly loved them during the Mick Taylor era. But on this night, I think Taylor should have put less effort in trying to play every lick he’s ever known and more effort into his wardrobe. In the old days, he stayed on the back line. This night he started to get obnoxious trying to upstage everyone, including Jagger. You would think somewhere along the line he would have learned that less is more.

  5. I wouldn’t agree he’s always overplayed – his ability has always allowed him to play jaw-droppingly fast runs but they were used with taste and for dramatic effect (Robben Ford does the same), Yes, the odd bum note and the noodling occurs when he runs out of ideas mid-solo (we’ve all done it!!!) but as you say at times he was on fire – I suspect nerves, coming on "cold" and lack of rehearsal. Still a better player than Richards and far better than Wood. .

  6. you’re right man.It seems that to the widows of MT not realize that he play too many notes that did not fit the song. Anyway I am happy to return to play with the Stones He deserves it for the good old days of the early 70’s
    tenes razon amigo. Parace que las viudas de MT no se dan cuenta de que toco demasiadas notas que no encajaban en la cancion. De todas maneras me alegra que vuelva a tocar con los Stones e lo merece por los viejos buenos tiempos de principios de los 70′.Slds desde Argentina

  7. you know every stone fan in the world wanted to see this happen,but unfortanatley it wasnt as great as we would of liked.I am sure Mick T had no rehearsals with the band and his playing could of been better.Since when did he turn into such a ham onstage.

  8. Nice to see Mick T. playing with the Stones. My initial thought after watching this is that it would be nice if on a future date on this celebration, if they played Gimme Shelter with Mick T on the guitar. Then it occured to me how good it would be to hear live, for the first time, Time Waits For No One. It would be so great to hear This song live with Mick playing that beautiful guitar solo.

  9. He’s always overplayed. However, his timing was off on this version and it seemed at parts he was noodling in ways that didn’t service the song. At other times, he was on fire. If you want to hear overplaying that absolutely services and scorches, check out the Midnight Rambler on the Brussels Affair.

  10. Now Mick Taylor doesn’t care about making mistakes, he moves instead!!

  11. Naaa. Mick was great but he overplayed abit. You cant blame him tho. its been a while!

  12. I would pay some serious money to see Mick Taylor play the entire concert with them.

  13. Mick Taylor is the best guitar player ever to be in the Stones. Listen to Moonlight Mile or Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ for proof.

  14. Fantastic videos coming out of the O2 from Sunday night. Thanks! I’m afraid Mick T.’s playing kind of ruined the character of the song to my ears. He’s good, but he wasn’t in the groove. Mick Jagger, on the other hand, is out of this world. What an amazing show he put on. Keith seems a bit haggarred. I hope he is okay. He did seem back to normal during "Happy".

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