The Rolling Stones 1989

22 thoughts on “Rolling Stones Mixed Emotions

  1. ♪ I also covered Rolling Stone Song (^J^)

  2. l like this PV!
    Mick power is very BIG!
     l can make a lot of original songs ,too!
    ★Please listen to MY ORIGINAL SONGS, too!

  3. Abril de 1962 – abril de 2012. 50 años !!! Grandes, grandes, grandes. ENORMES !!!

  4. I just never get tired of their music. Never! All right everyone, come home to the Stones!

  5. Fun song… looks like they had a blast recording it.

  6. Now only if many other bands had their lead singers back….

  7. One of the last Top 40 hits The Rolling Stones would ever have in The USA. This, is sad. When both The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney stopped having Top-40 hits in The USA, that’s when The Music Industry started imploding on itself. By the way, it’s was nice to see that, in 1989, Mick and Keith made up. Nice job, guys!

  8. The album this song was on Steel Wheels (if I am correct on the album title) I believe was on of the Rolling Stones’ best albums in their great rock ‘n roll career.

  9. Adam Levine doesn’t move like Jagger. Mick dances better than him.

  10. One of the most INFECTIOUS Stones tunes EVER! And that from this long time 50 year old Stones fan. Keep Rockin’ Boys! Mattie

  11. older bands had talent to spare..Mick can play any instrument on stage and Keith has awesome pipes. the rest of the band could fill in at any position required.

  12. "life is a party, just get out and strut, yes!

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