ROLLING STONES Not Fade Away Please dont delete this clip, A*B*K*C*O….

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  1. buddy holly’s original version was better. this is still good


  3. Deleting this video should be a crime punished by the law. Watch out youtube …

  4. Correct. He played many many different instruments, and all exceedingly well. And if you read Bill Wyman’s book "Stone Alone", Bill says that there would be no Rolling Stones without Brian. He put the ad in the paper, he hand picked the members and he gave them the name.

  5. Brian playing two diff harps!?!?!?! I’ve never noticed tht be4?!?!

  6. wait a minute…I think I remember reading how Keith gave John Lennon a hard time for holding his guitar up so high in the early days ….busted !!!

  7. my bad it was jazz hahaha ,to be honest to me they sounded more blues and i agree with that but im saying that keith was just such a big chuck fan.when he got brian to teach him thats all he wanted to learn

  8. Keith also said that rock & roll was just to get recognition and that they really wanted to be considered a blues band. Charlie was more into jazz.

  9. sure he likes blues .but he wasnt a big fan of it ,he was a chuck kinda guy ,overall brian was the blues man and Charlie watts those were the blues guys ,mick was a rocker and blues man .keith liked the blues and played a bit but he and Keith actually said to the others we want chuck ! .this was mainly Keiths idea but of course mick agreed cause they had been best friends since child hood.

  10. Read Keith’ book "Life". In it he says that when he first met Mick, Mick was carrying some blues records and he told Mick that was he was carrying was worth robbing. They then started getting together to listen to blues.

  11. thats wrong in a way man ,brian was blues ,keith was chuck if you read the book(forgot what its called ) then it explains that it was brian keith was chuck berry and rock and roll ,and mick was bit of blues and rock and roll

  12. They all loved blues but Mick and Keith were the real blues fans. They recorded with some of the most important blues singers in history.

  13. This is an excellent version of Not Fade Away. The Stones played early rock very well.

    They also played the blues very well. Keith Richards was very knowledgable about the blues and it showed in the Stones music.

  14. OK, they were clueless about the blues but this is a Buddy Holly rock and roll song and I think it rocks.

  15. keith liked chuck berry but knew nothing about blues that was brian and micks thing i guess

  16. AAAAAAAAAAAND imnowofficiallyattractedtobrianjones

  17. I guess you gotta thank them for helping Buddy Holly’s song live on!

  18. Long live the stones!l love them forever

  19. Actually, Ian Stewart was the original leader. Brian was second bar. Mick and Keith were third bar. -_-

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