Billy Penn of shows Open G Tuning For Rolling Stones.

10 thoughts on “Rolling Stones Open G Tuning by Billy Penn

  1. Thanks a lot! Never figured it out until checking this out.

  2. what kind of tele is that? I have a ’63 reissue and it looks exactly like it:P

  3. great, that’s just great… more guitar I have to pack for gigs, (har, har)! Thanks for another great starting point to expand my playing, and love your site too!

  4. Just an example…..not a performance… -Billy

  5. Prison Break, that’s funny. I liked that show when it came out. Enjoy the vid and ROCK!

  6. u look like the guy from prison break lol but ye awsome vid!

  7. More videos to come, stay tuned!! Site is doing awesome! Thanks!!

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