This Bonnaroovian wants to see The Rolling Stones at Bonnaroo 2013 – Who do you want to see? Narrow it down to your #1 artist for Bonnaroo 2013 and… 1. Create a video stating your case for why your artist of choice NEEDS to be on the lineup. Hold a sign, sing a song, have some fun! 2. Film it using a phone, camera, webcam, Flipcam or whatever else is handy and easy 3. The video can be 10 seconds or 4 minutes as long as its awesome 4. Upload video to YouTube and tag with Roo13Wishlist or email it directly to Why? 1. Because its fun 2. We wanna book your favorite band so you come hang on the farm with us in June 3. You may… – Be featured on the Bonnaroo365 YouTube channel – Participate in the official Bonnaroo 2013 lineup announcement – Have your video played on the main stage big screens at Bonnaroo 2013 Subscribe to Bonnaroo365 – Get more Bonnaroo! Website: Get it all Get your tickets!!: Subscribe to Bonnaroo365: Great Bonnaroo365 Music: Great Bonnaroo365 Shows: All Access Pass: Facebook: Twitter: Bonnaroo Blog: Instagram: Tumblr: G+: Pinterest: What we are listening to: We got Apps: bonnaroo Radio: Bonnaroo 2013 takes place June 13th to 16th in Manchester, TN. The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is four of the best days ever. 80000 happy campers. 700 acres of Tennesee nature. 150 epic performances. 10+ stages of <b>…<b>

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  1. the attendance would be the highest ever is the Stones played—> I myself have been to Bonnaroo 4 times.. but not in the past 2-3 years—> I AND JUST ABOUT EVEYBODY ELSE WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE STONES AT BONNAROO!~

  2. I always wondered what it would be like to have Mick belting out Country Rockers. Then there’s Chuck Berry…could HE still handle Bonnaroo : )


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