The Rolling Stones (with Mick Taylor), rehearsing live in Montreux, May, 1972. 20 minutes spread over 3 videos. With versions of "Tumblin Dice,and a couple of nameless jams, proving once again how essential The Stones are live when Micks not playing to the crowd.

4 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice – Montreux Rehearsals 1972

  1. Thanks Marc, I like it because its played at a slower tempo, just listen to Taylor’s guitar, wonderful. I saw Mick T for the first time three weeks ago at the London concert, jeez he’s still got it! Have a nice day friend, Steve

  2. I agree with you! – this is a wonderful track – and wonderful work! They are so close together… Nice work anyway – and wonderful song… I do like this version!

  3. I agree Marc, the bands best albums were when Taylor was playing, on this track the band playing rehearsals is even better!

  4. Awesome! – Thanks for posting… (without any nostalgy, Mick Taylor is really great!) – wonderful rythm section and Mick great after hard beginning… (rehearsals – sound and balance prob i guess?)

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