Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – performance from his video "Slide Guitar For Rock & Blues"

25 thoughts on “Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – The Sky Is Crying

  1. I rememember seeing this guy playing with John Lee at the Fort Mason Blues Festival in 90′. I truly miss all the blues in San Francisco. Saw more there in 10years, then the rest of my life put together. Good stuff/ Grant Street too maybe, corner of Clement.

  2. very sick slide playing and good voice as well

  3. 3 people don’t know what good music sounds like

  4. This is awesome, as good as SRV which is going to make me cry just to admit 🙁 Unbelievable & not the OLD Roy Rogers but some young cat I ain’t never seen or heard before, going to change that NOW though.

  5. They’re trying to say that whatever’s been troubling them has been on their mind since the moment they woke up.

  6. That’s along the best slide I’ve seen on youtube.

  7. Amazing! Is he playing in open tuning on this? anyone!!!

  8. I’m really a blues fan, but why do every blues song have a "I woke up in the morning" part?

  9. Just found these posts. I love Mr Rogers’s playing. I think he’s the dog’s bollocks (that’s a compliment by the way).

  10. this guy has to come to sellersville theater.. pa. someone get the word out to the guy if you know him,, he get its and gets it good….

  11. Wow! What a cool surprise. Thats what I was lookin for. Face melting blues.

  12. why are so many people moaning,all you gotta do is practice,practice,practice.go ahead you just might surprise yourself…

  13. Man, I’m so glad I accidently clicked on a video of Roy Rogers. I have found a new guitar hero. What a feeling for the blues has this hero!

  14. I´m Speechless. This Roy is a beast playing. So perfect and full of feeling.

    Great. Thumbs up guys!!!!!

  15. its like hes painting the notes sometimes

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