In this series Brian presents a comprehensive review of electric slide guitar for those new to the technique and genre. Theres a heavy influence on proper technique throughout and the series focuses on treating slide guitar as a separate instrument rather than just an afterthought of standard guitar playing. Brian will teach you how to change your way of thinking for a new approach to slide guitar. The videos focus on proper left and right hand technique, how to achieve good intonation, open tunings, string muting, equipment and slide choices, vibrato, Duane Allmans style, and the influence of modern players like Ben Harper and Derek Trucks. Here youll find those famous slide licks from the Fillmore East finally slowed down and competently taught. But youll also learn how to play slide in standard tuning thus creating a whole new dynamic to your playing. Most importantly, Brian gives you the tools youll need to start transcribing slide parts on your own to hit the ground running. Be the envy of players everywhere! Get more gigs! Learn to play slide!

18 thoughts on “Slide Guitar Lesson Part 8 – Standard Tuning

  1. I am nearly 100{10faa3092bae83cdf963b1ab1025701434ba1e012413cb9c0c72be0a479389c3} sure Page played "In My Time Of Dying" in open A. Nevertheless, you are a great teacher.

  2. Ahhh…no dislikes. All is well with the world. I love the vid.

  3. Hmm. none that I recall. just that old guitar straight into a Tweed Champ.

  4. 30 seconds of u beats hours of YouTubing for slide in standard info.

  5. I’m 15 now and I’m considering buying a 1966 dodge charger. I think as long as I have a real steel speed machine and an old guitar, I’m one happy kid. Thanks for replying too.

  6. yeah man. I’ve been a hot rod fanatic since I was 14. thanks.

  7. I’m diggin’ the moon shirt. Are you interested in hot rods too? I have always thought that the best music was produced before 78′ and the best cars produced were before 72′. Fast cars and git-ars. That’s how I live and I’m a youngster. I’m just picking up on the knowledge of the guys before me and god damn, they were good.

  8. you’re the first to notice that. yeah, it’s a great old guitar, thanks. It’s a ’62, the year before Gibson ran out of their stash of old mahogany.

  9. Nice……check my video ……..just search "Coricidino"

  10. Thanks man. It’s been a lotta years since I played that record. Cheers, BW

  11. Page played it in open E on the record, and played it live in open A and G.

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