Part 2 Written portion: http:markweinguitarlessons.comindex.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=101&Itemid=37.

5 thoughts on “Slide Guitar Primer Lesson Part 1

  1. Great info. Thanks. You’re right on the mark with the unintentional ringing. It’s like herding cats trying to control that. Curious about that fingerboard. Are those oversize frets? They just look large in the video. I have a real problem barring on standard frets and wonder if larger frets are how others solve the problem.

  2. Outstanding!
    Your descriptions on how to play and how it all works together is great.

    Thanks for breaking it down so well, few people break it into comprehensive bits like you did.
    John B

  3. damn, thanks a lot for this professional Lesson…

  4. Mark, This is a Superb lesson a bout playing.. I am NO musiscian but a BIG fan of "SLIDE guitar Monster" Sonny Landreth! Did you hear the Interview he gave end sept on NPR??

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