Heres the app: Shred Guitar Mastery -LickJungle. Available at Amazon, Google Play, slideme and opera android app stores Our AppsProducts: Our Coaching Programs: Webpage: Facebook: Facebook profile: Shred Guitar Mastery -LickJungle. Available at Amazon, Google Play, slideme and opera android app stores Download full version: Download free version: Learn from the masters with this over-the-top collection of 21+ shred licks, 21+ videos, tab analysis, fretboard shapes, metronome (up to 500 bpm), 12 backing tracks and over 61 audios. +Frequent updates. 1)Subscribe to my channel 2)Like my videos 3)Share them on facebook Check out my other youtube channel here: This is my entry for the blue noize solo contest. Its an improvisation. I didnt think about any of the licks or phrases beforehand. I took a lot of risks and tried to show some genuineness and individuality rather than copy well established blues ideas…thats the true spirit of the blues I think, hope you can see that…and sorry for the crappy footage. Good luck everyone!!! Please subscribe to my youtube channel for more of my guitar videos and lessons. Equipment: variax 600, Line6 PODX3Live

25 thoughts on “Slow-hand Improvised blues guitar solo – blue noize solo contest entry (Otto Reina – Cali Colombia)

  1. I find it funny how this is a response to a Megadeth song…. Either way, this rocks and so does Megadeth!

  2. Do you really have absolute pitch as your account name says? I just want to know if I have a shot of becoming a guitarist XD.

  3. Buena esa porque se preocupa por enseñar, sin egoísmo, sin esperar a cambio. A este tipo de personas siempre les irá bien en sus pretensiones. Gracias.

  4. You play great, but what the heck kind of pedal are you using? It squacks like a dieing lemur! Thow it away and play straight into the amp or buy an OCD overdrive.
    Your tone ruins your teriffic playing.

  5. és la mejor improvisacion q he visto, can you tell me what kind of scales do you use, i try to do an improvisation with the pentatonic one, but it doesnt sound good

  6. Great job on this blues improv.  What band did you say do you play with???

  7. Well done! Are you by any chance a Richie Kotzen fan? The lick you play around 1:12 sounds like something Richie would also do 🙂

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