Purchase a high quality version of this track for just £0.99 from Bandcamp: mikegarveyblues.bandcamp.com A slow, melodic & soulful minor blues backing track in the key of Dm. Dm Pentatonic and or D Natural Minor (Aeolian Mode) will work well with this track. Some sweet, soulful David Gilmour or Peter Green licks will work particularly well! Rip it up like Gary Moore during the busier sections! PLEASE NOTE THE COPYRIGHT DETAILS WITHIN THE VIDEO!!! The chords are: Dm, Gm & Am (See the vid for the full 12 bar pattern) Please note the copyright at the start of the video. Feel free to post a video response of yourself jamming over the track! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Slow Soulful Minor Blues Guitar Backing Track In Dm (10 Minute Track!)

  1. hello mike, love the track. you can find my webcam jam (headphones required – button replaces nipple) if you youtube that u should be able to find it. thanks alot mat

  2. 🙂 Neither do I anymore. It’s all backing tracks and a couple of Floyd tunes. It’s supposed to be based on what you watch but every once in a while Y’tube try’s to force aomething commercial at you. All about the money!

  3. ummm… i dont ever get anyone of these people in sugested for me becouse i dont listen to them… so thats that.

  4. Cheers Tubatag… Should have some more coming through the year!

  5. hello,
    If anybody could help me, i will appreciate it..
    i just started to play scales and jam with track along with my guitar, how do I know when to use the right mode? I know the pentatonic and natural will work on this track but how would I know which is the right mode to use in a middle of jam with my friends?

  6. just did a typical Gilmour lick over this track and it came out sounding a LOT like something from the solo to Opeth’s "Burden". awesome! =D haha absolutley love this track!

  7. Hi Claude, sorry to hear about your physical problems, hope you feel better soon!

    Not sure I follow you regarding e-mails… I rarely contact subscribers and certainly not with ads. If you’re a subscriber you’ll be notified when I upload a new video if you have selected to be notified. But nobody has bought anything from me as i’m not currently selling any product. I’ll make the back tracks (High quality) available for purchase one day but they’ll always be free on Y’tube.

  8. Been having a lot of physical issues lately, hope I am not taking the PAIN out on you guys, but I think a lot of your clients really look forward to a MINI guitar lesson in your e-mails, only to find another ad for something they have already bought from you. I respect your talent and your teaching ability…

  9. Cheers bud… More coming in the New Year! 🙂

  10. Sometimes you need a teacher to unleash the potential or get you out of a rut. I’ve reached a bit of a plateau in my playing that i’m struggling to get past. I’d happily go to a tutor for help in getting past that. You’re the opposite to me though… I was told I had no music talent in school so it was a surprise to everyone that I took up playing guitar after I left! 🙂

  11. I have some basic musical training- violin in the 6th and 7th grade, which I
    liked and was told by my school music teacher that I had good musical
    talent- and used to be able to read music. I never took guitar lessons and
    it became obvious to me that I didn’t have the innate talent to learn on my

  12. Cheers bud, I love the key of Dm… Just has a certain sound to it but isn’t quite as overused as Em or Am.

  13. Some awesome backing tracks. I play one every once in a while thats 29 minutes or so. Fun late at night. I like this style of backing. Dm is fun to play with for a noob like me.

  14. Lol! I think I prefer this one to my last one… Definately nicer to play over and I think I got the drums right this time!

  15. Soon….this weekend! I shall guitar jizz all over this!!

  16. Cheers Jody! I was going to make it even longer but I thought 10 minutes was a decent amount! 🙂

  17. Nice one Mike! Turned out great, good and long too, I hate when you find a great track and its only like 2 minutes. Good job.

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