Hannes Coetzee – Herbertsdale – Klein Karoo.

19 thoughts on “Spoon Slide Guitar

  1. This is truely unreal ­čÖé well done sir :)´╗┐

  2. The best is that he plays slide with a spoon´╗┐ and super-picking ! (a kind of fingerpicking)

  3. Called "Mahalla" – nice version of this´╗┐ on the new Carolina Chocolate Drops album, which mentions this video as the place they learned it from.

  4. Ek luister na die oom… Ek as kleurling voel teleurgesteld in myself en my generasie. Ons los ons waardes in die verlede en vir´╗┐ wat. ‘n Klomp americaanse musiek en stront. Mens moet weer die papier optel en begin stories skryf en begin ons kultuur waar met ope hart aanvaar. Hulle se ons het nie ‘n kultuur nie want ons glo mos ons het nie een nie.

  5. Excellent video.. Ok.. own up, who else went and got´╗┐ a spoon to have a go?
    praps a Bob Marley track.. stir it up ­čÖé

  6. 46 people now.. some people just never learn :)´╗┐

  7. I bet that guy would be playing his guitar and that same melody even when the whole world were burning after some apocalypse. I would be listening to him and be´╗┐ just´╗┐ happy as I am now.

  8. 44 people hurt their 2 front teeth tryna´╗┐ play this

  9. Relax. You’ver overlooking the fact that over FIVE´╗┐ THOUSAND AND THIRTY people liked it.

  10. I guess´╗┐ 44 people lost their spoon…

  11. Before the spoon he used to use his wife’s dildo but at present it is in the pawn shop´╗┐ .

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