"Rolling Stone" magazine published an excellent article on April 25, 2013 on the out-of-control illegality of the worlds big banks. The thrust of the piece …

24 thoughts on “Still Report #79 Like A Rolling Stone

  1. Sorry if this is silly but, is there any/ what is the reason that we can’t just say re the astronomical debt, no we will not pay..or is there no other reason other than cahoots?

  2. It’s not exactly back ordered — it has not been released yet. It’ll be towards the last of May.

  3. I want to order the blu ray of your new movie…..any idea when it will be off back order…hahahah.

    btw, thank you for your hard work.

  4. You can bet that the money spent by the banks on politics is designed to keep one-half of the people clashing with the other half, so that nothing will be accomplished. A change to debt-free money is a non-partisan issue, to benefit all of the people. We must insist on monetary reform and the restoration of our national sovereignty.

  5. No, it is not possible, nor is it desirable.

  6. Well I’m not sure what the relationship between the counties and the states is in Ireland. In the U.S. we have a long tradition of state-chartered banks. If you want to start a bank, you don’t have to go to the federal govt. A state can charter any entity to open a bank — a county, a city, a university – anything.

  7. Public banking has been quite successful in Peru (South America), so much so that the municipal banks are starting to branch out to other areas. The big private banks still have their hands deep in the mix there too though.

  8. Yep, that’s the plan. Is OK, though, "they’ll" just take your houses and public utilities, toll roads, ect, until you’ve paid "your" debt. Oh, I forgot, the unfunded liabilities… oh, well, guess we better borrow some more to pay those… The King’s coming…

  9. thanks Bill, stay strong…looking forward to your next video.

  10. Every day I thank God for Bill Still and his ilk.

  11. Any hints on how to start up, set up and control a public county bank?

  12. Central Bankers own the Main Stream Media Bill. They use the media to elect the government and dictate the policies they want to see put in place.

  13. It’s Not broken,, It IS Fixed! 😉 How the Heck are banks allowed to lend what they Don’t even have?? It’s Ridiculous. Why do we allow them to do what we would Never allow from one another??

  14. Thanks Vern. No reason at all. It is completely mindless.

  15. Bill’s right. State-level public banking would do wonders for infrastructure investment in every county and municipality. There’s no reason for taxpayers to pay interest to private banks.

  16. I’m enjoying my purchase of your one-ounce silver coin.

  17. I fear, sinister forces are moving the pieces of the chessboard. Cataclysmic melt-down down road will take many by surprise. Not you, not me… We just suffer seeing the train wreck coming…

  18. #LITECOIN ! END >>> THE >>> FED ! ! ! 🙂

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