Another Open C tuning from "death chants breakdowns and military waltzes " Fahey album. Play with a Gibson J 50.

25 thoughts on “Sunflower river blues – Cover John Fahey – Open C tuning

  1. Amazing playing, the best lesson you can get!

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment and the compliments.


  3. The playing is really nice and feels great emotionally! Wonderfully done.

    Can’t stand judgmental comments or senseless hyperbole about whether it is "better" or "worse" than the original… If people feel they can do "better," they should post their own renditions. If they like the original better – well, uh, that’s why it is the original.

  4. Dude, this rocks! Thanks so much for sharing@!!

  5. Thanks a lot for the great compliments.


  6. it’s a decent cover, but you got mud in your ears dude… no where near the life and character of playing in the original.. 

  7. It’s an open c tuning, thanks for your comment.


  8. Awesome! Youre playing it in open B, BTW

  9. Hi Love your sound. What kinda strings are you using?

  10. superb rendition of a great tune….and the guitar sounds lovely…What microphone are you using to record it…..????

  11. Thanks a lot for this great comment Michael.

  12. great Fahey tune, but you play it greater than John. Wonderful, Bernard
    Have a good time

  13. So *G*O*O*D*
    Crowned with stars… 🙂
    All the best

  14. very nicely done bernard 5***** I’m sure Mr Fahey appreciates it ;).

  15. Nice job. That guitar has a real nice tone to it.

  16. Great song this one. Excellent stuff Bernard, well played 😉

  17. Great song this one. Excellent stuff Bernard, well played 😉

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