" Sweet Home Chicago " (1936, San Antonio) ROBERT JOHNSON EARLY COUNTRY BLUES Alger "Texas" Alexander Pink Anderson Barbecue Bob Hicks Scrapper Blackwell Bla…

16 thoughts on “Sweet Home Chicago [Remastered] ROBERT JOHNSON (1936) Delta Blues Guitar Legend

  1. Amen. The blues of yesteryear cannot be challenged by modern blues. The "blues" originated from the far-reaching effects of slavery, inequity on the job (including music) and in social circles, broken families; the search for jobs often taking them away from home; etc. The blues today come from the heart. The blues of Johnson’s time come from the very depth of the troubled, yet hopeful soul.

  2. A question]n, were the blues inspired by struggle and slavery?

  3. I bet Hendrix would be an old blues guy now if he was still with us. His blues was great. What a huge loss.

  4. this is actually one of the greatest songs written.

  5. there is port chicago in california and thats the place he is sing about causee thats where i am from look it up and its part of sf bay area

  6. Great song. There are parts where I would swear that there are two guitars playing, but it’s always Robert Johnson alone, or maybe Lucifer playing with him…

  7. Should somebody tell him that Chicago isn’t in California?

  8. he knew how to play the riff and chords at the same time. with that fact, he must of had excellent reflexes in his hand. he was way ahead of his time. keith richards of the stones said that he thought it was two guys playing when he first heard RJ’s music before realizing it was all RJ

  9. … How did he make it sound like TWO guitars playing?!… The sheer talent that poured from his fingers to get such a unique sound in Blues…. That’s a legacy that’ll live on.

  10. Robert Johnson is an incredible Delta blues performer, and he died at the tragic age of 27. Over the next 75 years, he’s influenced so many different musicans who have realized his talents and expanded on it…The music will live on…

  11. 1936!!!!! Robert Johnson’s old guitar still make Eric Clapton looks like a newbie.
    Thank you guy, the sound quality is unbelievably clear.

  12. Thumps up if you got goosebumps at first!

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