In open G – DGDGBD. Or within a semi-tone of that. I love the tone of that Martin!

23 thoughts on “That’s the Way – Led Zeppelin

  1. Its so awesome that you always play the whole tune…not just parts of it…very hard to do!

  2. That is some sick playing man…totally diggin all your amazing vids…thanks for sharing this stuff with us…please never stop~!

  3. Thank you Privettricker. I learn all songs thanks to you 🙂
    You’re very helpful man. Thank you again.

  4. Friends, That’s the way, Bron- Yr-Aur stomp : amazing how Led Zep came up with this great acoustic stuff and all on the same album, to boot. How could a heavy metal band come up with such gems? I’m still in awe.

  5. Excelente lição amigo, simples e perfeito! Você salvou minha vida m/

  6. G, for sure. Because you can switch over to Stones tunes. 🙂

  7. Its actually in a half step lower tuning than open G(Open G flat).

  8. nice job, which alternate zep tuning do you like the most, open C, open G, or drop D? Thanks.

  9. Tuning sounds fine to me – you must have perfect pitch!

  10. You’re the only person I could find on here that’s actually playing it correctly. This is amazing!

  11. That’s OK. I don’t get anal about strings that are slightly off. It’s rock n’ roll, after all.

  12. Yes your middle D string is flat, but not by much. Open tunings are tough, especially trying to match it to the studio track in the background. Great job, and beautiful guitar!
    Best, MZ

  13. I noticed you had all "likes" so I had put 1 "dislike" just for the heck of it! You nailed it! I’ve been playing the song for years and I forgot the turn around just B4 the verse, so I played the video and remembered it, so thanks for that…It really sounded great!!!

  14. Beautifull Martin and it sounds nothing less than the best!!

  15. nice work, I really like the sound of that martin, too.

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