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24 thoughts on “The Have Nots (Original by Danielle Ate the Sandwich)

  1. Incredible. I’m ashamed to admit I’d forgotten about this one (I seem to have misplaced my copy of your cd. Though I’ll be sure to fix that now that this has re-motivated me)

  2. I think of my Grandfather when I hear this song. Danielle has written, played, and performed my emotion so poignantly that words fail me. Thank you Danielle, for eating the sandwich. Long may you lunch.

  3. Your voice is so pure, it’s giving me the chills!… And this song is just perfect to find your inner self, to reach serenity… Thanks so much for sharing your GREAT talent with us. <3

  4. Have you ever played a Lanikai? I want to get into the uke, possibly purchase an Lu-21. Also, you should consider doing an AMA on reddit? (:

  5. I’ve been viewing you for a while and I still love your stuff

  6. Ah, the sigh at the end.. Beautiful. Such a great song

  7. in case you’re still looking for a husband, or at least a duet partner and don’t mind a german accent, just let me know 😉

  8. This is such an incredible song–my favorite of yours. I have to will myself not to cry every time.

  9. You have the voice of a Disney Princess (TAKE THAT AS A COMPLIMENT PLEASE).
    Also, This song is amazing.

  10. When he was here he taught me "smooth criminal" on the banjo, that wasn’t the amazing part. He broke mg fingers right after, and told me I better not play it again! M.J. was so wacky.

  11. Uhh, it just might. Can we sing something together!?!?

  12. if that May 19th TBA turns into Dayton, Ohio, you can stay at my house

  13. Danielle must be the most powerful mind reader in the world, aside from possibly Taylor Swift, because she puts words to the things I’ve never been able to.

  14. This is perfect music to go along with any How I Met Your Mother. Don’t know why I thought of that.

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