The official promo video for the Rolling Stones 1990 single "Almost Hear You Sigh". The track is the third single from the album Steel Wheels, and was composed by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Steve Jordan. The song features Mick Jagger on lead vocals and background vocals, Keith Richards on guitar, classical guitars and background vocals, Charlie Watts on drums, Ronnie Wood on guitar and background vocals, Bill Wyman on bass guitar, Chuck Leavell on keyboards, Matt Clifford on keyboards, Luís Jardim on percussion, Sarah Dash, Lisa Fischer and Bernard Fowler on background vocals, and Chris Jagger as literary editor. "Almost Hear You Sigh" was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group in 1991. The video was directed by Jake Scott in Toronto, shot while the band played the Canadian leg of the Steel Wheels tour.

20 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Almost Hear You Sigh – OFFICIAL PROMO


  2. heart of rock’N roll….!
    heart of stones….!

  3. I count them, but i think that Charlie is better. And Stones ARE awsome!

  4. Yeah.. if you don’t count John Bonham, Keith Moon, Ringo Star, John Densmore, Bill Bruford, Alan White, Mike Portnoy, etc..

    Still the Stones is awesome!

  5. I agree!…thanks for that…there are many ..but sympathy from ya yas is a good one from Mr Watts….

  6. I have the sun and the moon and the rolling stones !!!!!

  7. no sabía que existía este video!!! máximo

  8. I CAN"T BELIEVE YOU GONE : ( No NOO NOOOO Esto Hay Que Re Enviarlo..Ojala Le Cojan El Sentimiento…Que Solo De Guitarra Acustica Se Manda KEITH joya joya joyaaaaaaa !!!

  9. Otra Joyita Del Steel Wheels 1989 Como Puede Ser Yo Nunca Ver Antes Este Video Si Esta Cancion Es De Mis Favoritas De Los STONES Una Balada Rockera Con Un Feeling Ni El HP..Esta Volaisimo Y En Blanco Y Negro Del Canal Oficial De La Banda En Youtube 100{10faa3092bae83cdf963b1ab1025701434ba1e012413cb9c0c72be0a479389c3} HD

  10. The Singers Are CIndy MIzelle, Bernard Fowler, Lisa Fischer!!!!

  11. JESUS CHRIST – God Himself came into this world, He died for our sins, He was buried, and God the Father raised Him from the dead, and through His Sacrifice we live in victory – JESUS CHRIST IS LORD !

  12. The last really good and solid Stones LP, folks. Voodoo Lounge was close, and A Bigger Bang was a pleasant surprise, but, neither came near Steel Wheelchairs. In fact, I think ALL of the Stones LP’s from the 1980’s, post-Tattoo You need to be re-examined. Even Undercover. 

  13. NEXT VIDEO: One Hit (To The Body) Please………

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