From the album LA Friday (Live 1975) available from The Rolling Stones performing "Angie" at the Los Angeles Forum, California, USA on Sunday 13th July 1975, part of the legendary Tour of the Americas (TOTA). The track is from the album Goats Head Soup (1973). Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and produced by the Glimmer Twins, the song went straight to number one in the US charts when it was released.

23 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Angie – LA Forum Live 1975 OFFICIAL

  1. I think it’s very junky/bluesy. And you have to love Keith’s solo.

  2. Pulgares arriba si escuchas esto en el 2012

  3. Sir Mick sings de heavy metals goot causin him feels what him singin. Mr ronnie used to make goots solo guitar!

  4. i like how hes checking his boner at 1:38………

  5. Not at all. Jesus, Mick sure knows how to ruin a Stones performance!

  6. Rolling stones best heavy.metal bands!!

  7. He looks a littl edrunk but he’s fine, I like it! 🙂

  8. Sad to see …… A wonderful, amazing song …. Why Mick , did you have to destroy it by performing drunk and alltoghether in an other place. Good thing that you recorded it sober.

  9. me emociono…. meu anome é Angie!!!!!!!

  10. drugs etoh and the loss of mick taylor equals this sad live act

  11. 2:32 - 2:38 Mick’s voice is the epitome of sex.

  12. This is so bad it’s barely believable. The whole band sound terrible.

  13. After spending two weeks with Cabanel´s Venus in the country, it´s so good to listen to the equivalent music back in town.

  14. always a favourite of mine ….along with You can’t always get what you want …

  15. no really… high or drunk was he????

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