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7 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Angie (Madison Square Garden)

  1. Видно запись с последнего благотворительного концерта.Angie одна из лучших
    песен Rolling Stones. Молодцы-старички,держатся очень бодро!Хвалебно.

  2. Nice, Very, very Nice & oh so Sweet, Thank you very Much,,,,Love, Love

  3. Love those Acoustic guitars. The Stones do it different every time and just when you think you have got it down they change it like most of their songs which is great. I actually thought Keith and Mick had originally written this song for me to serenade my then Girlfriend (I wish) Angela, even with just some of the intro based round the A mInor chord. Angela is long gone and without as much as a kiss (ever). Maybe flowers and chocolates would have sufficed.

  4. Haven’t heard Angie for a while.
    Happy Valentine’s —–>
    Song with amazing lyrics.

  5. Super schön, das ist einmalige Musik , vielen Dank !!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Live videos are fine, but I’m sure most people would prefer if the remaining promo films were uploaded.

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