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21 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom – Live OFFICIAL

  1. I love how the track is sped up. Even the Rolling Stones can’t stop YouTube from attacking them with their own copyright.

  2. やっべぇかっこいい。これからも楽しみだ!(日本人で一番最初にコメントw)

  3. Great upload, was the footage taken from Newark, I was the two shows. Thank you for uploading this one.

  4. Best Rock-Song of the year 2012! Why was there no nomination! thumb up

  5. Now that’s some pretty sweet cinematography.

  6. Why will it be taken down? This is the official YouTube channel.

  7. I actually don’t think they will, since this is the Stones’ official YouTube channel.

  8. doesn’t sound very live to me… Still great video though.

  9. Cool just what I needed this morning…
    Fantastic channel…..Sharing this on FB!!
    Dee x

  10. so….you are equating the total decay of society on the Rolling Stones…interesting!

  11. I love Mick’s black sneakers. Very random, but I did enjoy this video haha. XD

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