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24 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Get Off of My Cloud (1967)

  1. …and so does beating the crap out of your girlfriend, which i guess Brian did. I’m just sorry that things have to change from this video (the Rolling Stones apparently having fun performing) to what later happened, Brian leaving the group and dying, and the constant fights between Mick & Keith

  2. Cause Keith hooked up with Brian’s girlfriend-that sort of thing always changes a band’s internal dynamics…

  3. Band is having a good time…why do things have to change???

  4. whats the diffrence between mick jagger and a scottish guy? mick jagger says "hey you get off of my cloud" and a scottish guy says "hey mc cloud get off of my yew" haha XD heard that one at work today

  5. Thanks for the video neverf seen it before I love how the crowd helps This was awesome

  6. So maybe we should call the justin bieber hair flip the mick jagger hair flip from what i saw at the end these girls went crazy just like some of their daughters or even grand kids do now.

  7. and like good wine … while older, more good.
    Dancing this track, I became a fan, what beautiful memories

  8. Back in 2008, when this video was made, most videos like this were completely inaccurate. I know this because of the time I joined youtube was 2006, and that was on my old account, that got banned.

  9. Que chevere Video de los rolling stone!

  10. No. I have realized my mortality but…. I am making sure that these last years are the BEST years of my life. I am so much more appreciative of time.

  11. mick = one cool m*th@rf{10faa3092bae83cdf963b1ab1025701434ba1e012413cb9c0c72be0a479389c3}ckr!

  12. Mario is a big fan of this song apparently

  13. We were all so young and we thought that we would live forever.

  14. r.i.p. brian this seams to be coming a habit

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