The Rolling Stones and special guest Gwen Stefani, of No Doubt, perform the 1970 Jagger Richards song Wild Horses, from the album Sticky Fingers, on the o…

22 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones & Gwen Stefani – Wild Horses – Staples Center, Los Angeles

  1. Oh come on please… it was just ONE SONG. They did 22 other songs. Why must people complain about everything? I think Stefani was not bad. I wasn’t there though. I’ll be going to the Stones show on the May 15th (Honda Center).

  2. i was so excited to watch these, but then they are filled with ads and only clips of the songs. bummer.

  3. no bad, i wanna see full Performance..

  4. Gwen thinks she’s Axl Rose in that getup.. but Axl sings better.. she shouldve sang Respectable instead

  5. Why is there only pejorative and derogatory commentary on all the Stones social network sites…if you are a REAL fan, you wouldn’t bash the band. As for Stefani, I am not a fan of hers, so I didn’t see the full song, but the Stones have been having live collaborations forever, some go well, others not so much so. I say, ROLLING STONES FOREVER, THE GREATEST

  6. Love Wild Horse one of my favorites…..

  7. What is Mick thinking when he invites guest to sing with him.. They ruin the show and sing.. He needs me to pick his guest and songs.. It would be the best concert he ever performed.

  8. What the hell was up with her walking…trying to act cool…
    I like her as an artist, but she ruined this tune for me.

  9. Agree. Just play the damn song, guy..without the dumb guest singers!

  10. sorry, but this is not cool at all.

  11. Why would they let her destroy a perfectly good song? There’s "No Doubt" She Sucks!

  12. The reason you don’t see the whole song is because she totally botched the lyrics and didn’t remember any of the words. She was a disaster. Otherwise, the show was amazing.

  13. Is his band going to be Grohl and Novoselic from Nirvana?

  14. she made this song SUCK!!!!!!!!!! Original is alot better!!!!

  15. I wast expecting this, but… It’s such a crap…

  16. Stefani is all image and no talent.

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