The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction with Mick Taylor HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA, 582013.

15 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction w/ Mick Taylor – San Jose – 5/8/2013

  1. What kind of guitar is Ronnie Wood playing there?  Haven’t seen that one before.

  2. Thanks. I used a Samsung Galaxy Note II cell phone.

  3. A tired Mick is still pretty damned great.

    Remember, he’s gonna be 70 this year.

  4. silly me that was me half asleep this am!!! Great video!!! Thanks!!

  5. Great quality…what did you record this with?

  6. It’s your imagination! Mick was not only energetic but also more focused on his audience than ever. Just my humble opinion (but I have seen them 8 times).

  7. This was a waste of Mick Taylor. Come on Rolling Stones, you can do better than this for Mick Taylor!!!!

  8. Mick Taylor could give this entire tour a freshness and "pop" that has been missing for many predictable years. The music can only get better if the would only utilize him more. After all he was a Stone and now he is back. Use him and sell out the rest of the tour!

  9. Sounds pretty damn good, even from the lousy notebook speakers.

  10. frankly, i have to disagree. san jose was the show of the tour so far in my opinion. keith and mick look focused as hell and even the warhorses sound amazing.

  11. I missed the shows in Oakland and LA, so I don’t know how they compare to this one, but I thought Mick gave a fantastic performance in San Jose.

  12. is it my imagination or does Mick have a tired vibe in San Jo He was more energetic in oaktown and la

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