DONT KNOW WHAT TO PLAY? *KLICK HERE* Its a 12 bar Minor-Blues. Chords are: Am | | | | Dm | | Am | | Fmaj7| E7 | Am | E7:|| You can play different scales. I…

25 thoughts on “Sad Blues Guitar Backing Track in Am

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  2. i love this backing track great job thanks for posting

  3. I love addictive drums. In the right hands… it can sound amazing.

  4. Sounds like The Thrill Is Gone – BB King. Nice

  5. Can you do one for Danny Boy Eric Clapton.Thanks later

  6. …..the thrill is gone…the thrill is away!…love bb king!

  7. Hey 91dpo! The reason E7 fits so well over this is because it contains the leading tone, in this case the G#. This tone creates the Root – Fifth cadence that is commonly used in blues;jazz;and the like. ———-Substitutions for this include any altered 7th chord with an E root (Augmented, m7b5, b9, #9, etc…)—— also the tritone substitution being a Bb13—— or any of the diminished chords in the chain of Ab… (Ab, B, D, F)

  8. no, in A minor is Emaj, but E7 is often used because as you noticed, it fits very well:) keep on playing!

  9. Yea there’s tritone substitution.
    You replace the dominant 7th chord with 7th chord, that’s one tritone up from it. In this case you would play Bb7 instead of E7. It would lead back to Am too. .

  10. Are there any other common chord substitutions like that I should learn?

  11. It’s common practice to replace the minor v chord with a major or dominant 7th V or V7 chord at the end of the form. This creates stronger voice-leading – or a more forceful sounding progression when it goes back to the minor i chord. It contains the "leading tone" – the note one half-step below the tonic. This also means you would use harmonic minor when improvising over that final chord.

  12. A minor key includes: Am Dm and Emaj with the major relative key, C wich includes thos chords: C, F and G. So in Am key you should play this chords: Am, Dm, Gmaj, Cmaj, Fmaj and Emaj.

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