Some Girls is the 14th British and 16th American studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1978 on Rolling Stones Records, catalogue COC 39108. It peak…

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  1. It dipends on the rules of the company which owns the copyright of the song/s (or movies or other stuff): there are companies that let their property spread on youtube, while others don’t.

  2. Some things in regard to sharing music on YouTube must have changed, however, I don’t know how. I’ve got many Stones albums, some vinyls and CDs in my music library, can I upload them without hasle, for example? Just remebered, I interviewed Sarah Blackwood of Dubstar a month ago and used a bit of her own track from her previous band Client for the titles and uploaded it, but it’s blocked in many countries. Don’t understand why.

  3. CD1
    1- Miss You 0:00
    2- When the Whip Comes Down 4:54
    3- Just My Imagination (Whitfield/Strong) 9:15
    4- Some Girls 13:53
    5- Lies 18:30
    6- Far Away Eyes 21:42
    7- Respectable 26:05
    8- Before They Make Me Run 29:13
    9- Beast of Burden 32:38
    10- Shattered 37:04

  4. Love Your Channel Bro ! But Best be careful when Up Loading The Beach Boys . My 1st Account was kicked off YouTube for Uploading their Stuff.

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