The Rolling Stones on US tv in the Mike Douglas Show – june 25, 1964. In this show they lip synched the short version of their song "Tell me". I edited the v…

10 thoughts on “the rolling stones – tell me – full version – enhanced sound

  1. You’ve done an amazing job on these videos. Thank you very much.

  2. indeed, not bad for a first composition
    we can draw this conclusion: the’re real musicians…

  3. Stone’s best….a stunning recording achievement….hypnotically mezmerizing….

  4. Young Jagger’s voice was something. Is it just me that find him more attractive and compelling than Lennon, McCarteny, Plant, and most others.

  5. not so difficult for me, for I’m 59 and was about ten years old on my first ‘extraterrestrial encounter’ with these ‘rock’ers from outer space…

  6. whoever uploaded this ,all my thanks,carnt believe the sound quality,i was 14 years old when this song was released,im almost 63 now,gee get your mind round that.

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