http:proguitarshop.comfree-pedal-friday The Rolling Stones, "Tumbling Dice" guitar lesson. Today were using a Lovepedal Tweed Twin to add a rich overdriv…

6 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice Guitar Lesson

  1. Oh I forgot you used that for honkey tonk! Thanks for the reply 🙂

  2. Variety is the spice! We used the SFT for the Honky Tonk riff. By the way, Richards has been using Tweed Twins since the 90’s. Thanks for watching,

  3. And by the way wasn’t Exile on Main St. recorded with an ampeg svt? Why didn’t you guys use the catalinbread sft?

  4. My second favorite stones song. Could you guys do my #1 cant you hear me knocking?

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