The Rolling Stones played a surprise gig at the Echoplex, Echo Park, Los Angeles, Saturday April 27 2013. Leading up to the opening of their 50 & Counting to…

11 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Up-and-coming band play Echo Park

  1. Hi guys,
    we’re an indie rock band.
    Listen to our music and let us know what you think.

  2. i got a ticket for £100 for Hyde Park, but they are not the only band playing. Gary Clark, The Temper Traps & other bands will play as well. My ticket is worth the price.

  3. buy one. they’ll probably only charge you $500 for it.

  4. i want a rolling stones patch for my vest.

  5. I bet hipsters cried when they were told they couldn’t bring in their electronics.

  6. Hey Stones, Can you post the Echoplex concert, great playlist BTW

  7. it was interesting to hear people in line saying they’ve not only never been to echoplex but never been to echo park. oh, los angeles.

  8. you’re right, thats truly disappointing.

  9. that’s right, $600 per ticket for the vast majority of seats every night! and, the nosebleed seats are going for $250!

    BEYOND GREEDY! legends, or not!

    it saddens me greatly that so many fans have NO CHANCE of seeing THE ROLLING STONES on the 50 & COUNTING (the money) TOUR.

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