A workshop showing that with an open tuning you can get nice results even if you are not an expert guitar player.

8 thoughts on “12 STRING GUITAR WORKSHOP – open G tuning

  1. Bon jour, and thanks for the compliment! As for the Stones tune – I wouldn’t know about that. In fact, it would be interesting if you found out which one you mean…

  2. Awesome playing :). That second one is a stones tune isn’t it ?

  3. Gidday, mate – and thanks for the compliment!

  4. Very nice Chief. This little tune of yours has given me some ideas and variations on it to come up with some stuff of my own that sounds really nice. I’ve been in open C for a while and haven’t experimented with open G until now, thanks 🙂

  5. Sehr inspirierend, da kriegt frau Lust, ihre Gitarre umzustimmen :))

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