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14 thoughts on “A Touch of Bop #3 – Jazz Up Your Blues – Jazz Blues Guitar Lessons – Frank Vignola

  1. I love the blues but I love these ideas as well. I see it as part of creating a style, taking a little of everything I have heard and working it in without it necessarily having to be any genre.

  2. Great lesson, you went through the chords and melody with great detail, some teachers would charge an arm and leg to give this info,being a blues based rock player, this opens a whole new world of "colours" to add to my knowledge, a great teacher and great lesson! Thanks mister .

  3. those chords are excellent!

    I’ll steal them all!

  4. Excellent post. Excellent teaching!

  5. great player and teacher!
    funny as hell guy too.
    there is some TF lesson where he tries repeatedly to
    give the intro rap and just cannot get through it.
    They keep the camera rolling and it is like the
    deleted scene at the end of Sellers in Being There.

  6. very nice. as a metal player, stuff like this appeals to me greatly for finding new ideas.

  7. I have been studying jazz theory with this cat that used to study under linc chamberland. It wasn’t until I started these lessons that bebop started to make sense. Im glad I found this particular lesson because I need some spice in my blues playing.

    I love the chord tones mixing in with the solo and the little chord solo at the end, I need some cool stuff for my bag of tricks and this is a great little solo to just "jam" on at an open mic or something. Thanks again. JOe :

  8. Frank, i still want to rub those fingers to get some magic. Excellent lesson. Thanks.

  9. I jammed on stage with him. He is truly and excellent player

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