Heres your chance to get that Mississippi Delta Blues sound! With some simple ideas to improvise, learn how to create your own acoustic blues tune. Stop pla…

17 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Acoustic Blues Song | Learn & Master Guitar Monthly, November 2011

  1. Love the lesson, so simple but so effective.

  2. Eu moro no Brasil e gostaria de saber se essas aulas vem com legendas em português e gostaria também de saber o preço dos dvds das aulas de blues em dólares ou na moeda de meu pais o real. desde de já agradeço

  3. On that guitar, I’m probably using Elixir Light Guage Acoustic Guitar Strings. – Steve

  4. Some of them are. Check our channel and occasionally we will put those up. – Steve

  5. what model gibson is that? sounds nice

  6. this is an awesome lesson… I enjoy this lesson because you aren’t teaching a lick or riff but rather showing what can be played to create that delta blues sound. good stuff

  7. Are the live lessons, available on YouTube???

  8. Nice, if I didn’t know that Em pent scale I’d be kinda in a daze. Best to know them! Great lesson as always, Steve. You da man.

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