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21 thoughts on “Open Tuning B-E-B-E-B-E Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Scott Grove

  1. Hey, Scott, my neighbor is an older woman who recently picked up an old acoustic guitar that she would like to learn on, but her left hand is deformed and limited because of arthritis. I immediately thought she could play the guitar on her lap with a slide, but I’m not sure of the best tuning for that setup. What would you suggest?

  2. Oh oh oh…heaven let your light shine down…it’s "Shine" by Collective Soul. Rock on Scott…I love your vids!

  3. I can see you like reading your own typing.

  4. That’s like a Stephan Stills tuning

  5. I love your videos! I don’t know why but i laughed hard at B, B, B, b, b, b, hahaha thanks!!

  6. my mistake..it’s open b major..but still close

  7. speaking of songs which use this type of tuning..check out the song "albatross"
    by a band called big wreck…i’m pretty sure it’s the same tuning as this

  8. You just love hearing yourself talk dont you? Bit of a prick, but some useful info on tuning a geetar.

  9. You’re so damn honest. Love these videos

  10. Thanks my friend! I hate Bigsby trems more than pretty much anything that has ever been invented for a guitar. I honestly don’t know why anybody would do that to their guitar. You will 100{10faa3092bae83cdf963b1ab1025701434ba1e012413cb9c0c72be0a479389c3} need to put a roller bridge, roller nut and locking tuners on your guitar if you do that, then it will still not stay in tune, but it will be a LOT closer than if you didn’t do any of them. Go, play any guitar that has one on it. Keep it plugged into a tuner….see what happens on ANY of them. Cheers.

  11. You can use other fingerings with this. I found fingering a D chord and sliding it up and down the neck sounds cool, also Am and Em fingerings. I always play normal chord fingerings in open tunings and you get some exotic sounding chords. No idea what chords I’m playing but sounds cool. Fingering a D chord and moving it up and down the neck sounds good in DADGAD too.

  12. Open tunings are fantastic. Devin Townsend made an entire career out of it.

  13. hey man i love ur vids but just wonderin im thinkin bout gettin an bigsby on my les paul are they any good?

  14. that low E just kinda flops around a bit – ya know it’s pretty cool though- kinda sounds like a 12 string.

  15. The song was called "shine" by collective soul

  16. Howdy Scott my good friend. I need to catch up on what is going on with you. I like this tuning there I need to try it. My semester is almost over with and I hope your doing Ok good buddy. We got snow here a little I couldn’t believe it for almost April and I’m ready for it to warm up. Yeah lol. Put the slide on that E B tuning I bet that would sound good. You always sound groovy my man. Your ole buddy Jerald

  17. Same here, Mr. Groovy. Keep em’ comin’!

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