Original song by the Northumbrian musician Lee Gibson.for more info http:www.leegibsonmusic.org.

25 thoughts on “Black Blizzard – slide guitar Original song

  1. Love your slide playing, love the video, brilliant song.

  2. Thia is a brilliant song and video! Two thumbs up. 8O)

    I’ll add this to the World United Music blog.

  3. Good one,Gippa. Fierce dust storms ! Like "Black Blizzard’. Regards,Greg

  4. I really like this one! Great voice!

  5. Nice slide-show & good music*****
    I like to invite you to my animated BLUESCARTOONs (I did the music & animation)
    Hope you have time for a back visit 🙂

  6. It was insane what they went through, Drought, Locust infestation, Rabbit infestation, static electrical discharges everywhere, dust pneumonia, temperatures reaching 120 degrees, thousands of farms sold off for pennies, all during the great depression and all man made.

  7. Between you and Lee, you do closely resound with the reincarnation of Woody Guthrie. Five plus good sounds stars. John

  8. Amazing song, playing and singing! Also, the photography is incredible, probably some Walker Evans in there, some Dorothea Lange…just great stuff…video is just so well produced!
    All the best,
    Joy/the Leopard Lounge

  9. Very good guitar blues and video. ******5

  10. This really is a great tune…….the video is just right too.

  11. – Great Guitar Playing Performance, Gumbo!! 5 – Stars ***** !!!! Keep Up The Great Job, My Friend!!

    – BigWillieWillHom 🙂

  12. Very cool to see how you used the old photos to match the mood of the music…neat!

  13. Interesting and atmospheric composition,well performed and enjoyable slide, vocal.
    I will post my video response , an original slide instrumental, Black Tulip , composed after watching the HBO tv series Carnivale, played on on very old Regal Dobro, dustbowl theme also inspiration, a nice place to visit( metaphorically speaking) maybe not to experience in person, I guess.

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