If you want to play blues guitar, you have to learn the minor pentatonic scale inside and out. Period. This scale is the mother of the blues scale itself and knowing it cold will help you learn to play smokin leads faster and help you improvise with confidence. The minor pentatonic scale is one of the most used scales on the planet. The reason is that this scale is INSANELY versatile. Because of the minor pentatonic scales Swiss-Army Knife usefulness, it should be the first scaleany new blues guitarists learn. Knowing this scale and how to use it will help you avoid those wrong notes that causes everyone to cringe. The best thing about having this scale in your bag of tricks is its simplicity. Its just five notes! Of course those five notes repeat in different places on the neck, but really knowing these five notes and how theyre arranged will help you move the scale around to different places on the fretboard. This video is perfect for beginner blues guitarists and is a great introduction to the minor pentatonic scale. Plus, in the video, I show you a cool blues riff groove thing that uses the five notes from the A Minor Pentatonic Scale. Knowing the scale is great, but you have to be able to use it! Watch to learn the A pentatonic scale. Be sure to check out the website for the complete lesson: www.bluesguitarinstitute.com Since this scale is so popular, keep in mind that it is used by virtually every guitarist making music today. While you need to join them by <b>…<b>