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23 thoughts on “Guitar Scales Lesson – The 5 Positions of the Minor Pentatonic Scale – blues scale

  1. @Johnny Tightlips Okay so the major PENTatonic scale has the prefix PENT- meaning 5. So the pentatonic scale has 5 notes of the major scale. The major scale had all 8 notes in the key. The pentatonic scale only has 5 notes out of the key. I hope that answered your question

  2. I need a little help from you tube nation. So, is there a difference between the major pentatonic scale and the major scale? The reason I ask is because I noticed that the major and minor pentatonic scales both have the same shape just on different frets. I have found a bunch of videos on youtube on the major scale that shows completely different shapes. I am a beginner and I am CONFUSED. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  3. marty can do a lesson on the other positions that are a little more difficult becouse i found the G minor and B to be kind of easy but d and e i cannot tackle please help

  4. If you want to stick with the original key they matter, but if you don’t, then have fun changing keys and playing pentatonic scales in between ;P

  5. This was great! Opened up a lot of possibilities on the guitar for me! Thanks man!

  6. Marty I really like your lessons,Ive been playing 31 years self taught with no theory.Now playing catch up with scales and modes -wondering what kind of hollowbody you’re playing

  7. Does the fact that it’s Major or Minor matter or can I just play these positions in any song as long as I have the key right?

  8. They’re interchangeable. They mean the same thing so there’s not really any confusion.

  9. Shouldn’t you say "tonic" each time you say "root"? I thought roots are used in a chord context, whereas tonics are used in a scale context.

  10. Most of the songs that you hear are in a major key, but the solo uses the minor pentatonic scale. It’s actually more common to play the minor pentatonic over a major progression than to play the major pentatonic.

  11. @martyzsongs
    is it ok if i use the minor pentatonic scales if the song is in a major key? or should i just use the major pentatonic?

  12. oh, just noticed that’s what the top comment was, hahahah!

  13. you remind me of batista from dexter a little bit

  14. Your a good dude Marty. Thanks for all you do.

  15. really great lesson shame i suck too bad to be able to do that lol

  16. Can I use this over ANY chord progression? Or is it only for a chord progression in Am/Cmaj? I’m confused. lol

  17. Marty, your lessons are real cool. You take your time to give us all free tuition that’s really helpful and useful and for this I thank you!

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