Although Blind Willie Johnson recorded only Gospel songs his slide guitar playing is drenched in the blues. All his slide songs are played in open D tuning (DADF#AD) but I arranged this one for the 4-string cigar box guitar tuned to GDgd. You can find the neat poster at (plus a lot of other cool prewar blues stuff). The cigar box guitar was made by Fuzzy, who lives in the heart of Texas, where Blind Willie played the streets. check him out at his channel where he demonstrates his cbgs (available at ebay) Heres a link to the original by Blind Willie Johnson

25 thoughts on “Cigar Box Slide Guitar – Gospel Blues – Lord, I Just Can’t Keep From Crying – Blind Willie Johnson

  1. great as always! cool poster as wel … 😀

  2. This is amazing. Your voice complements your melody very well

  3. hell fella , you is black , and in the cotton fields.. and i mean that with the greatest respect .. luv the blues ,

  4. no, it has some kind of jazz pickup near the bridge.
    I use piezoz on my other cbg.

  5. Sounds mean as hell to me. Keep it dirty and leave the clean stuff for the acoustic!!!

    Great track here. Cigar-tar sounds absolutely beautiful if you listen with the right ears.

    I sometimes wake up in the mornings with one of your melodies in my head.

    Thanks Daddystovepipe.

  6. Cool…this is why daddystovie is my idol in guitar…

  7. Real nice guy… done with guts and lots of feeling.

  8. Fantastic, Thanks for posting this. Pure enjoyment, through and through.

  9. Miljaar Carl, da’s weer straffe kost


  10. Dirty Gospel….. Praise the Lord for BWJ!

  11. Glad your enjoying your new CBG. BWJ is one of my favorite and your one of the few that do him justice. His soulful playing will live on "Dark was the Night" is on the voyager space craft, picked to show our humanity and emotion. Have Fun, Fuzzy

  12. True to the form, Daddystovepipe! What a blowout on the CBG! Man that is truly kickin’. Where can I get me one of those CBG’s?

  13. great!!!….I’ve just bought a CBG from Fuzzy….waiting for it to make it’s way from Texas to the UK…………..

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