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23 thoughts on “Funk Blues Guitar Backing Track in G Jam Track

  1. Awesome! Had a great time jamming to this.
    Like and subscribe!

  2. Thanks for the send. Really cool stuff! Earned a sub

  3. Thank you so much for sending this it was so easy to improv to i am Deffinetly subbing

  4. hey what about adding a black jazz voice, this is terrific!

  5. Thats Awesome Thanks for sending it to me <3

  6. Yea hey thanks for the email great stuff, great idea really im not sure if ive ever seen this on youtube this will help me alot with my soloing i can tell already… again thanks bro keep up the good work…

  7. Was looking for SingleHandedKnopfler, not sure how I got here, but it looks (sounds) great!


  8. This is sooo good!!! <3 I love it! Thanks for mailing me this!!! I totally support!
    Keep this up! I shall ask soon for some download help and stuff when I get my recording stuff ready (and my exams out of the way!) xx

  9. saw your messege so i thought id check it out… Not too shavy my friend! very fleuent and a nice tone.. keep it up m/

  10. Great stuff….keep up the great work!!!!

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