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15 thoughts on “Slow Blues Guitar Backing Track in G

  1. CAn you guys stop saying it is a SG just because of it’s shape? Make some researches before you say something stupid. Check the story of the SG and then we can talk.

  2. Hi, not sure if you got my message yesterday, didn’t see it in my outbox.. I put the copyright/link in the video. Also, I would love to be included in your project!

  3. Actually not true. The SG was originally called a Les Paul when the Les Paul we know was discontinued in the 1961. It was only then the Les Paul was reintroduced in 1968 that the SG got its name. So MrErikAva has got a point. Look it up 😉

  4. Les Paul, wanted nothing to do with the SG… look it up.

  5. How does this sound with a Sonny Terry song playing harmonica, I want to try

  6. SGs were going to be les pauls and that’s why they say les paul on the truss rod cover

  7. It’s actually an SG3… just cause the truss rod cover says its a les paul doesnt mean its a les paul.

  8. got to say i love the les paul on the picture (and dont say its not cause, its actually says "les paul" on it) 😉

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