BUY GUTHRIES ALBUM EROTIC CAKES FROM Guthrie Govan playing slide guitar to a backing track in the style of Johnny Winter. The backing track with different solo and more can be bought at

25 thoughts on “Guthrie Govan playing to Johnny Winter style track

  1. I closely listened to the back round of the music. I have to say that despite of all the changes in this music, Guthrie Govan must have knew all the changes to the song because he knew exactly what to play over it. His playing sort of similar to a piano player where instinct kind of takes over. They exactly know what to play for this particular bar and one for the other.

  2. Hello

    Request permission to post my music composed in tribute to all the great slide masters

  3. guthrie can shred, slap, slide the only thing that I can do with S is strumm …

  4. yeah man….dont need to talk…i can hear what you know…hugs

  5. Sorry. I have every Winter Album, have seen him live a million times, this is just not a Winter style track. Oh well!

  6. Johnny Winter Style TRACK, the track is winter’s style, not the playing.

  7. Don’t think this is very Winterish at all. The slide style is not even remotely close to WInter so the only thing that has any Winter in it is the title. Love Govan, but this should be called something else.

  8. All the negative comments are just pure denial.
    Listen to his body of work and tell me he isn’t any good, or you "have students better than this".
    Gimme a break.

  9. these arguments are only really found on guitar videos, go watch some violinists or piano videos no one is saying how somehow a complete understanding of technique and theory leads to lack of "soul." if anything it would lead to more soul since guthrie is able to express himself more fluently and in more ways without having to worry about hittin wrong notes

  10. only hav one thing to say u ppl are repetedly mentioning bad comments about someone who can melt ur face off play COUNTRY. if ur saying thats missing soul ur just saying u dont know music and how much it takes to play something like that how much theory u must know how much time and skill and practice and work u put into it theres only one thing that stands betwen idiots like u ppl who dont like this and ppl who like this… and that is they are musically developped into knowing what is good.

  11. Johnny Winter would not play with a sound like that.His sound is much rawer.

  12. He just smokes pot and plays guitar all day? Damn, that’s what I do….If Guthrie is ready for a Florida vacation, he’s more than welcome…..

  13. Sorry,I got students better than this. Back to listening to JW.

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