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19 thoughts on “Me and the Devil Blues by Robert Johnson

  1. Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil. He did a ritual called "Crossroads". Look it up.

  2. your precious….go back and listen to the early era ac/dc…and listen again…..the devil/satan turns up, a hell of alot…..also.Orchid.

  3. Don’t forget Son House, Charlie Patton, couple others.

  4. But 60’s and 70’s rock wasn’t influenced by some opera cat. Whereas there would be no rock n roll without early country blues players, particularly Robert Johnson, and while I don’t know for a fact I have a hunch Mr. Johnson didn’t care too much for the opera

  5. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful music going in your ears. Its magnificent.

  6. ac/dc doesn’t really ever sing about the Devil. They sing Highway to Hell, which is about how hellish life is when touring.

  7. I’m sure some opera cat beat him to that by a few hundred years but we get what you mean. 

  8. When i hear Highway to hell or hells bells or others song, it’s like kids playing with the devil.

  9. serch on youtube SONIDOS DEL INFIERNo un documental cientifico , ahi debe gritar ese perejil

  10. I thought it was a Gibson Acoustic but i don’t know the model # of the acoustic.

  11. what kind of guitar did R J use, looks like a little Stella?

  12. of course , its just a metaphor for going past the point of turning back.. ive sold my soul to the devil so theres no turning back now… aloo back then the blues was considered the devils music.. wasnt it?
    fits so perfect.. and as has been said.. great self promotion in the very competitive musical environment of the day
    and here we are debating it 70 or so years later… the mark of a legend..

  13. I get goosebumps as soon as the vocals start. Awesome.

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