Michael Casswell plays some slide guitar in a warm up for some more filming in the licklibrary studio. Stay up to date with instant news from Licklibrary on …

21 thoughts on “Michael Casswell Slide Guitar – Behind The Scenes – Licklibrary

  1. He is indeed, he teaches a piece and the technique in Guitar Interactive 13, which you can read for FREE 😀

  2. I think he’s in regular tuning, and although he is playing in #fm, it seems that he has not downtuned the guitar

  3. a real sweet mode called the Pie Ala mode..

  4. they don’t actually hit the frets, they stay lightly on the strings…take a screw driver and lightly hold it over your strings and slide it

  5. well you don’t touch the frets when playing slide, so you’ll be fine 🙂

  6. yeah..i know they arent expensive..but im a bit worried of a bit..like..what if it damages the frets..if not..i will deffinetely use it!!

  7. they’re only $2…i picked mine up at a local music store…you can even use steel parts from a drill kit

  8. Which musical scale is he playing here? Anybody knows?

  9. leguyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Strangling a Cat????? Are you deaf man?? That sounds incredible!!!!
    Anyone know what tuning he’s in?

  11. thats the coolest slide iv heard

  12. Very nice. This is true slide guitar at its best!

  13. Sounds like he is strangling a cat… Why I will never use a slide..

  14. Hey Mike, did you finally get a new Les Paul?

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