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19 thoughts on “Rock Slide Guitar – Ultimate Guitar Technique Lessons With Danny Gill

  1. u can sound a guitar like ‘shehnai’ by using this slide..

  2. it sounds different with a slide man, fingers don’t do the job you want. Plus, you HAVE to be good at guitar to play slide, it’s really difficult to make it it sound nice.

  3. Some of the greatest guitar players of all time are slide players, and it sounds awesome. Trust me, it’s really hard to do it well

  4. Slide guitar is stupid— use ur fingers Nd quit trying to be good when u aint

  5. i didnt know bruce willis played guitar

  6. Let’s say he’s no Johnny Winter…but he’s not THAT bad..

  7. It’s a pick slide. You rub the edge of the pick down a wound string, such as the bottom three. I’m shocked you didn’t just try it. It’s not rocket science man.

  8. what is it that guitar players do when they like stroke the pick up and down the neck and it get’s this scratchy sound? I’ve seen it a lot in metal like megadeth and such and Does anyone know a good video where they actually show how to do it?

  9. This guy can’t play slide…

  10. Who is that cool song on the beggining 🙂

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